JSC “Insurance Company GPI Holding”
was founded on May 8, 2011, as the first private pension fund of Georgia. The company was founded by TBC Bank, one of the Georgia’s leading banks, and TBIH Group, one of the major finance institutions of Eastern Europe, which owns and manages insurance companies and pension funds in Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Ukraine and Russia. GPI Holding launched active operation on the Georgian insurance market in the beginning of 2002 and recorded considerable achievements in the first year of its operation.

  JSC “Insurance Company Imedi L” insurance company was founded in 1995. In 1996-1997 Imedi L was actively engaged in developing the first legislative basis for insurance activities in Georgia. In 1998 European Specialty Group Reinsurance (ESG Re), one of the major financial institution of Germany, acquired a stake in the company. As a result, Imedi L recorded the highest capitalization index on the Georgian insurance market. In 2007 the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), one of the leading financial institutions of Europe, acquired a stake in the company in the aftermath of which Imedi L acquired the status of an international finance institution.

JSC "Insurance Company Aldagi" was founded in 1990 as the Georgia’s first privately held insurance company. At the end of 2006 BCI, one of the fast growing companies at that time, owned by Bank of Georgia, acquired a 100 percent stake in Aldagi. In 2007 both companies merged to form market’s major insurance company. In 2013 The company changed its name, insurance company Aldagi visuals restyled.

JSC Insurance Company “IC Group” - was established on November 10, 2005 and since then has been successfully operating on the market. Despite its not such a long history, IC Group stands among the leaders of the Georgian Insurance Industry. Besides their retail customers. Together with individual costumers, IC Group serves large international and local organizations, governmental institutions, embassies, leading financial organizations, representations of foreign importers and others.

JSC International Insurance Company “IRAO” international insurance company has been a plenipotentiary founder of Irao international insurance company and partner to Vienna Insurance Group, which manages a wide finance network in the CIS and European countries.

JSC “Insurance Company Cartu”   JSC “Insurance Company Cartu” was founded in 2001 September 13. The founder of the company: JSC “Cartu Bank” – 82,27% Ringold Finance Limited – 17,73%. “Insurance company Cartu” actively operates in both directions – companywide and retail, offering clients complete insurance plans: health insurance, car insurance, property insurance, cargo insurance, travel insurance, liability insurance, financial risk insurance and etc.

JSC Insurance Company “Kopenbur”    Insurance Company "Kopenbur" was founded in 2014.

JSC International Insurance Company “KAMARA”  Insurance Company KAMARA was founded in 2013. The company is 100% Turkish investment. KAMARA offers a wide range of non-life insurance.

JSC Insurance Company “Unison”  Insurance Company Unison was established in the beginning of 2011 and during this short period managed to become one of the prominent players on Georgian Insurance Market.

JSC “Standard Insurance Georgia”    Insurance Company “Standard Insurance Georgia” was founded in 2007.

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