With immediate initiative and support of the Georgian Insurance Association, significant projects have been implemented to support development of the insurance market:

The Health Insurance Mediation Service of the Georgian Insurance Association:

  • The main objective behind establishing the Health Insurance Mediation Service of the Georgian Insurance Association was to assist the parties in the insurance relations to resolve disputes outside of the court system.
  • A considerable part of the population, including the poor, teachers, staff of the law enforcement structures and other public officials, have become beneficiaries of insurance products implemented  by programs of the Georgian government  in 2007-2008. At the same time, replacement of the state-financed health programs with the private insurance scheme  has naturally increased  number of appeals and disputes concerning insurance.
  • The mediation service has organized meetings and public hearings. Moreover, the mediation service staff has organized telephone help-lines to educate and assist beneficiaries, providers and other target groups in casting light on the insurance-related issues and resolving conflict cases outside the courts.

Insurance Information Bureau

  • The goal of the Insurance Information Bureau is to establish exchange of information on insurance claims in auto insurance between insurance companies in Georgia. Its primary function is to collect data , create electronic database to archive and systemize this information.
  • Secondary objective of the Bureau is to provide insurance companies with claims statistical data of the market as a whole, in order to help insurers benchmark their performance against market average and make informed and evidence based decisions in auto insurance premium calculation.
  • Outputs of the organization is to help insurers create driver’s insurance history thus assisting in identification of fraudulent activities and on the other hand reward positive behavior making auto insurance products affordable and fairly priced.
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