Georgian Insurance Association was founded in 1996 as a union of the Georgian insurance industry representatives . For many years the Association has been playing a crucial role in development of the insurance sector, drafting and implementing corresponding legislative and regulatory basis.
The association has got broad experience in lobbying and advocacy activities and is considered to be a respectful participant and authority in the insurance sector. On numerous occasions it has served and continues to serve as a consultant to the Georgian government on insurance related issues beginning from development of upward reporting standards to particular issues in agriculture, health, automobile and others type of insurance.
The Association’s input served as a primary catalyst to the health care system reform in Georgia. Currently it is spearheading industry’ss effort to promote and lobby implementation of the Motor Third Party Obligatory Insurance Law in Georgia.
The project was developed within the framework for the Georgian Insurance Association in collaboration with Association of German Insurers. It received approval from a team of experts appointed by the European Commision as “Law which satisfies EU standards”.
Most recently it supported creation of Insurance Information Bureau which aims at collecting data on insurance events with particular focus on fraud prevention.The organization traditionally keeps  tight relations with civil society organizations, mass media. It takes active part in discussing insurance issues with interested public groups. Association works closely with international donor organizations such as USAID, Eurasia Foundation and others.Through donor funding it initiated and realized numerous projects with major focus on health insurance system development.
It liaises closely with industry players in the Caucasus as well as on the international level. Regionally, it partners with insurance industry representative in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. Internationally it works closely with Association of German Insurers, industry associations in Austria, United States of America and others. Recently along with rise of professional associations in Georgia, the Insurance Association started cooperating closely with The Hospital Association of Georgia with the goal to increase and implement accountability principals within Georgia’s health care system.
Notably GIA takes active part in professional education activities. Internally, for member companies it has developed insurance training and certification courses. Externally it works closely with journalists to increase their awareness and understanding of the processes taking place within the industry.

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